About Me

"It's official, I'm a sugar geek."

My expression of art is so, as I couldn't express my feelings in the past, it's hard to be seen!

But a true artist is to have the courage to show their feelings, now I have found my movement.


Flowers are pure and simply beautiful and to be able to create such realistic looking flowers, I feel like I am in my very own secret garden.​

A cake symbolises a celebration about to begin, whether it's a birthday cake making a wish come true or two newly weds cutting the cake as one - it's magical.

My passion is art and I have always been creative throughout my life and career. I find it very therapeutic.


Being a visual person, I am drawn to beautiful things, and yes the cake has to be extremely tasty  but it is the look that attracts the eye, that is why my cake designs are  minimalistic and focus on the beauty of the flower giving it meaning and life.

It is like being a house, it has 4 walls but it is the interior design that brings it altogether, a bit like myself and my partner, he is the baker or architect, and I am the sugariest or interior designer, - it just works!


The flowers are extremely fragile and a high amount of love, passion and time has been put into every single petal and leaf, thoroughly enjoyable especially when you hear the gasps of joy and happiness it makes it all worth while.